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Boxer shorts hub is a clothing site which has certain privacy policy of its own. It means that all the personal information that you give to us is completely secured and not disclosed to any alien environment. We keep all your info such as your name, contact number, email address, details of your paymentand so on confidential and make sure that it is not leaked out. This privacy policy is validated for all the users that visit our website

 This info is gathered by the means of Cookies that are already installed in your drive. With the help of the cookies, we can track as to which browser and operating system is being used. We can also know the number of visitors on our site.This information that we have with us is provided to us by you only and is made for serving your purpose.

Cookies help us to gather all the relevant information as mentioned. However, it cannot know your personal information. It keeps a check on only the other details such as the type of the platform used, number of visitors who visited your site and a lot of other things.

However, this information that we have is for your benefit only. As by the help of it, we can give you an update on the special offers that we have or serve you with better discounts and render good experiences. Mails are also included in this. But if you anytime feel that the mail become annoying, you are free to unsubscribe the email.

This info that we have is strictly maintained by us under the internal security policy and the law. This can be shared and passed to any government agency that too in case of any investigation of fraud, by the permission of law or trying to protect a capable fraud. This info is not passed on to anyone for mere marketing.  Remember that every time, you use a website, you automatically agree to all the conditions of the privacy policy of Boxer Shorts Hub. The policy can be reviewed anytime.

We make sure that this personal data is kept totally secure and safe and only the authorized figures have an access to it. It cannot be shared unnecessarily with anyone close or near.

For any questions that you hold regarding the privacy policy, you may directly contact us through mail or call and we will assist you. By landing on the site of Boxer Shorts Hub, you automatically abide to all the terms and conditions. Therefore, before submitting any personal data or information to a website, it is very necessary that you read the section of privacy policy very carefully so that you do not have to worry in the future.

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