Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A T-shirt

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A T-shirt
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T-shirt is an essential garment of Indian men wardrobe. T-shirts are of different fabric like cotton, linen in cotton pure cotton,100% cotton or premium cotton. T-shirts are designed by the companies or brands differently according to the need and choice of costumers.

The major things that should be kept in mind before buying a t shirt.


The very first thing that should be considered before buying a t shirt is the fabric either cotton (natural material made up of cellulose) or linen if cotton then what kind of cotton either 100% pure cotton or premium cotton in India the term 100 % cotton means the amount of cotton that is used in the manufacture of t shirt is pure it doesn’t mean the fabric is not blended. The term premium cotton means the best cotton. This cotton has premium qualities like strength color retention and softness. There are some other types of fabric that are blend of other materials.There are many choices of fabric available these days.


After the choice of fabric now its turn for the color because the color matters a lot, to your personality and the event you are going to join. The choice of color is also considered important according to the weather for example in winters dark colors are best choice on the other hand in summers light colors are preferred but it all depends on the choice of customer.


Quality is the main thing that cannot be compromised at any cost. Quality of a t-shirt means its fabric should be of high strength, comfortable and its color should not be fainted after washing or drying etc.


The size is another thing that is important while buying a t-shirt. The t shirt that you are going to buy should be according to your physique. These are present in different sizes like medium, large,excel as per your requirement.


In India and all over the world printed t-shirts are very trendy now days. There are many t shirt printing techniques. The most important thing that should keept in mind is the quality of paint on the t shirt it should not be scratchy, stiff or crack after time.

The paint used should be good quality fabric paints. The dyes and colors used for printing should be of good quality so they do not blend after washing.


T-shirts are designed with different patterns and designs. Different beautiful designs are created with the blend of colors and patterns to create cool effects.


All the things apart if the t-shirt is not stitched proper its measurements are not properly taken. Then all the efforts are of no use. So before buying a t shirt checkit’s stitching quality. The important key that is used in sewing t shirt is the stitches also should be stretchable. The zigzag pattern of stitching is preferred mostly.

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